Useful Information

Information that may be helpful to the first-time buyer. We've compiled the most frequently asked questions to make our site easier to use.

Do I have to register to shop on the site?

You have the right to purchase goods from our online shop without registration.

Registration is required only if you want to become a regular customer, receive additional discounts and loyalty points (Comics Points).

Loyalty points CP (Comics Points)

Баллы лояльности доступны ТОЛЬКО зарегистрированным пользователям.

Buying goods in our online shop, you receive "Loyalty Points" Comics Points (in the text CP), which can later be converted into a discount coupon and used on your next purchase. The more you buy, the more CP you accumulate.

  • CP points can be increased for some products.
  • Discounted items do not earn CP points.

100CP (Comics Point) = 1,00€

After accumulating CP points, you can exchange them for a discount coupon or keep accumulating. The minimum amount of CP points to exchange is 50 units (0.50 euro)

You can view and exchange CP points for a discount coupon in your account, in the My Comics Points section.

How convert CP points into a discount coupon?
  • Go to the tab "Manage points"
  • Select the desired number of CP points that you want to transfer to a discount coupon.
  • Press the button "Создать купон".

You will receive a generated discount coupon number equal to the sum of the selected CP points (all transaction history will be stored on your account).

How to apply a discount coupon to a new purchase?
  • Click "Copy" in the generated code column.
  • Go to “shopping cart” page or your order checkout page
  • Paste the coupon code (ctr+v) and click the "Apply Coupon" button.

The discount will automatically be applied to your purchases.

The generated coupon has a validity period equal to one month from the moment of its creation.
Your CP (Comics Points) accumulations have a validity period equal to one year from the moment you receive your first CP..

Assortment of products in the online store

Our online store has more than 2,000 items, but at the moment, this is not the entire range that we have in our store at the address: Rīga, A. Čaka iela 32.

If you can not find in our online store the product you are interested - please contact us by phone or chat, perhaps this product is in stock, and we will be happy to offer it.

Communication with the managers of Comics LV remotely

Our website has a chat to communicate with the managers of the Comics LV store.

For communication we use Messenger from Facebook. Ask us questions and we will gladly answer them.

Please note that the chat is for answering questions non-technical! Please do not load managers with questions that involve solving technical problems on the site.

For technical questions, go to the technical support page.

Is it possible to order parcel delivery?

When ordering you can choose delivery by Omniva or DPD. To do this, fill in all required fields on the checkout page.

  1. Select the paikomat address that suits you.
  2. Check «Delivery option» Omniva parcel machine or DPD parcel machine.
  3. Place your order by clicking the appropriate button.
Who can get free shipping?
  • If you live in the territory of Latvia.

When buying goods for an amount exceeding €30.00 (thirty euros), you will have free delivery to an Omniva or DPD parcel machine.

When placing an order, select the address of the parcel machine where you want to receive the goods and the item «Free shipping».

  • If you live in the territory of Lithuania or Estonia.

When buying goods for an amount exceeding €50.00 (fifty euros), you will have free delivery to the Omniva parcel machine.

When placing an order, select the address of the parcel machine where you want to receive the goods and the item «Free shipping».

Delivery to other countries

We deliver goods to Lithuania and Estonia using Omniva and DPD courier services.

Placing an order, you have the opportunity to select your country, fill in all the required data and choose a convenient delivery option for you using the list of addresses.

If you did not find the address you need, write it in the "Notes to the order" column.

Delivery of goods to other countries is possible only after contacting the store managers, having discussed all the conditions.

Can I get a discount?

If you are registered on our site and are a regular customer who makes purchases. We will definitely note this by giving you a certain discount on purchases.

После пятой вашей покупки, вы автоматически получаете скидку "Постоянного клиента" в размере - 5% от общей суммы товара.

We also run promotions and specials from time to time. offers when the price of the product is significantly lower than usual.

Внимание! Скидка "Постоянного клиента" не действует на акционные товары.

Can I return a product I don't like?

Most items purchased from us come with a money-back guarantee.

If you decide to return a purchased item without any reason, you may do so within 14 days.

Terms of Returns:

The packaging must be intact, all labels and protective bags must be intact, and the product itself must look the same as when it was purchased.

If the packaging is damaged and you can't return a quality product, no refunds are possible.

After placing an order, I do not receive an email with payment information

If you placed an order and did not receive an email with payment data - check the "Spam" folder of your mailbox. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, our emails go there.

If there is no letter from Comics LV in the "spam" folder, please contact us by phone, Messenger, or write to technical support.

Usually, after placing an order, an email with payment details comes within 2-3 minutes.

Can't log in to my account

If you were registered on the site, but for some reason you can't log in to your account, do the following:

  1. Check the accuracy of the password or username - you may not be entering the correct data.
  2. Try clearing your browser's cookies. (what are cookies and what are they for, you can read here)
  3. Try logging in with a different browser.

Clearing cookies in browsers:

If none of the options above helped solve the problem, write to our technical support.

Follow this link and in the feedback form, select the topic of the question «Problems using the site», and further «Can't login to my account».

What should I do if I forgot my account password?

This happens quite often. Don't worry!

If you have forgotten the password for your account, just click on the link «Forgot your password? You will be taken to the recovery page. Enter your email address or Username under which you were registered on the site. The system will generate a new password or link for you.

If the link to reset your password does not work or does not come, write to our technical support. Follow this link and in the feedback form, select the subject of the question: «Problems using the site», and further «I didn't receive a link to reset my password».

How long will my account be kept if it is not in use?

A registered account that has been inactive for a long time will be deleted after 12 months from the date of its creation.

The account will be deleted only if during this time it has never been active.

I want to delete my account

If, for any reason, you wish to delete your account, you need to write to us.

Go to technical support page and in the feedback form select «My personal data» and option «Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data» – check the box next to «I wish to refuse the processing of my personal data and delete my account from the site».

We will delete your account within 2 working days after we receive your application. You will also receive confirmation to your email that your account has been deleted.

Rejecting advertising notifications

If you do not wish to receive promotional notices from Comics LV, you need to notify us of your decision.

Go to technical support page and in the feedback form select «My personal data» and option «Rejecting advertising notifications» – check the box next to «I wish to reject all advertising notices».

We will unsubscribe your account within two business days after we receive your request. You will also receive a confirmation email about unsubscribing.

Before you decide to turn off the newsletter, we ask that you consider your actions, as you may miss out on discounts or good deals on products from Comics LV.

Using my personal information

The personal data that we use and process is described on our Privacy Policy page. We adhere to this policy by complying with all laws and regulations "On Protection of Personal Data" to the extent established by the law of the Republic of Latvia and the EU.

Technical support

Having trouble using the website, can't log in to your account, or noticed errors or bugs on the site? Or maybe you've got suggestions for improving the site's functionality? - Ask us on our support page!

We can definitely help you!

Go to technical support page.